Azienda Agricola DENAVOLO was created in 2005 and produces local and traditional wines in the province of Piacenza, on the hills that divide the Trebbia Valley from the Nure Valley, two tributary rivers of the Po.

We are a small family estate, located in the great plain of the Po with a continental climate, hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

The oldest vines were planted in 1975, on a farm that we manage completely. The plots are located between 350 and 400 meters of altitude on clay soil, fresh and very limestone. Of these 2.2 ha are planted:

  • Malvasia di Candia Aromatica
  • Ortrugo (indigenous varietal only cultivated in the Piacenza)
  • Marsanne (here known by its local name Sciampagnino, but is also the grape in the great white Hermitage)
  • Other grapes that have not yet been identified, but without a doubt, are local varietals

Planted in 1975, the grapes of this oldest plot of clay-limestone soil give character to two wines:

- DINAVOLO  with the grapes of the vines on the higher part of the hillside, where the soil - due to erosion and leaching by rain - is poor and more stony. The wine is therefore more concentrated and complex. These grapes are macerated in stainless steel tanks and for long periods after alcoholic fermentation (spontaneous yeast) and without temperature control. Everything is produced with the sole objective of creating wines that bear witness to their terroir and their vintage. A general aromatic typicity is expressed by hints of balsamic linked to Malvasia, herbaceous infusions, and notes of citrus. This wine is a perfect accompaniment to soft cheeses, white meats and fatty fish from the river.

- DINAVOLINO, has been produced since 2009 from the grapes of the vineyards located in the lower part of the Débé plot, where the soil is richer in nutrients and water. The grapes have more acidity, the wine is lighter, fruitier and drinks well younger while having a nice capacity for aging. This wine presents a lighter tannin structure and an elegance typical of the wines of this altitude, with a floral nose and white fruits. It accompanies local salumi perfectly, and our primi of filled ravioli pasta, as well as delicate fish.

In 2008 and 2009 two plots of vine were planted on the grounds of the estate, between 500 and 600 meters of altitude: Cassinera and Campo Rotonde respecting the local tradition.

The 3 HA of these young vines are made up of the known grape varieties (Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Marsanne, Ortrugo) and traditional vines planted in the region: Santa Maria, a little Sauvignon Blanc, a little Trebbiano and Muscat. This was the custom when planting vines, to make wines for the peasants who worked on these lands.

Since 2011 CATAVELA has been produced from these two plots; a light white wine (10.5% alcohol), fresh, simple and very drinkable. The wine has a short maceration on the skins, it is bottled without filtration, without addition of sulphites or any other preservatives.